71: twitter

Yeah, just started to tweet! So more tweeting than fb this time. Lol. @vanitran is my twitter nickname!

70 : iphone 4S white

My lil bro just got a new pjone, whih is Iphone 4S white. Lol, e bought the same case as me. And see what i did, ofc i conpared! My old case i've got in a few months! Check it out

68: dude, that's true!

67 : noodle time

After more than 3 hours of english reading comprehension i'm dead. Need some sleep cuz i slept too bad.. It's only psychology left ! Gonna charge the battery and study my butt off!

66 : ngày hai

Vớ vẩn quá.. Buồn

65 : buồn vì..

Ối trời ơi. Chảng hiểu con người như thế nào nữa. Nói một câu rồi lại quay đi như không biết gì. Sao phải sống như thế nhỉ. Không thành con người nữa.

64 : active wordfeud player

Lol can't stop playing wordfeud!! There is also an app for Android too, wanna play with me ? Play against - TentenL ;)

62 : Take Care

If you let me, i'll take care of you.

61 : madame tussaud's

Lady gaga!! Picture soon up again!!

60 : even that could beat me down

Even that i told u i never want to ser you again, i probably was too angry and also too out of my mind. I never meant a single thing but i understand why it didn't work out as i planned. I still love the person i know from the beginning, nor the person you changed to.

59 : in London

I've been in London for over a week now. It has been amazing! I love oxford street n china town. (the most) haha. Well today we will hit off to centre again. No shopping though.
Yesterday was sick at Ministry of sound, one of the famous club in UK. I forgot my phone in my purse so i couldn't take any picture. Dj Hardwell who made a techno/house song with Dj Tiesto was also there!! He was awsome!
Also in this beautiful and spring weather we'be been to madame tussauds, walking to London eye and Big Ben, been to the palace where royality got married and. Every kind of places!
Now i'm hitting the shower and get ready for more advanture. But also have to wait for L to wake up, but the rest are already up.. Hehe.

58 : 2 days left!

Even if i have alot to do. I still have to study my butt off. Cause i really need to do it, also i have to start packing my clothes for Londontrip! Also go to school and get more info about application to other school.. There is alot going on and i don't know hos much i can take it, AND also i about to get a flue!!! argg!! Stressing my butt off!!!!!!!

57 : wild romance

Warching wild romance a korean drama ^^

56 : asian restaurant

Yesterday i made sushi with my dad, tasted rly good, and also today i'm sitting at adian restaurant in Vaasa with Medina. We r about to go in to shopping center and look for make ups and then later on we'll meet our friend, Charles hehe.

55 :

This piicture from my phone 16.2-17.2! More in my camera but i don't have it here right now, some r just crazy pics from when we prepered to penkkis!

https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047082.jpg">https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047082.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047089.jpg">https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047089.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047101.jpg">https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047101.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047160.jpg">https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047160.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047230.jpg">https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047230.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190051566.jpg" class="image">

54 : người yêu thì không có

53 : brown head

This was our last day at school!!!! Tomorrow is the day ;)) woohoo!

52 : barcelona

Watching champions league by myself and heading to bed soon, all u guys know that barcelona going to win over BL or something like that. I just dyed my hair to another colour, picture up later! :)

51 : the road ens here

Was to Fontana and Leipätehdas. This time Fontana really sucks, i don't know why or was it because of bad mood? I think so, but it was 'better' at leipätehdas because they had a special night with some reggemusic. There was more 'social' people too. Now i'm taking a break from party in a while, except our abi-cruise!

Two of my best cousinsss <3 !!

50 : ... be awsome instead

Tonight i'm going to be awsome instead!!

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