58 : 2 days left!

Even if i have alot to do. I still have to study my butt off. Cause i really need to do it, also i have to start packing my clothes for Londontrip! Also go to school and get more info about application to other school.. There is alot going on and i don't know hos much i can take it, AND also i about to get a flue!!! argg!! Stressing my butt off!!!!!!!

57 : wild romance

Warching wild romance a korean drama ^^

56 : asian restaurant

Yesterday i made sushi with my dad, tasted rly good, and also today i'm sitting at adian restaurant in Vaasa with Medina. We r about to go in to shopping center and look for make ups and then later on we'll meet our friend, Charles hehe.

55 :

This piicture from my phone 16.2-17.2! More in my camera but i don't have it here right now, some r just crazy pics from when we prepered to penkkis!

https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047082.jpg">https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047082.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047089.jpg">https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047089.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047101.jpg">https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047101.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047160.jpg">https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047160.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047230.jpg">https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190047230.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_190051566.jpg" class="image">

54 : người yêu thì không có

53 : brown head

This was our last day at school!!!! Tomorrow is the day ;)) woohoo!

52 : barcelona

Watching champions league by myself and heading to bed soon, all u guys know that barcelona going to win over BL or something like that. I just dyed my hair to another colour, picture up later! :)

51 : the road ens here

Was to Fontana and Leipätehdas. This time Fontana really sucks, i don't know why or was it because of bad mood? I think so, but it was 'better' at leipätehdas because they had a special night with some reggemusic. There was more 'social' people too. Now i'm taking a break from party in a while, except our abi-cruise!

Two of my best cousinsss <3 !!

50 : ... be awsome instead

Tonight i'm going to be awsome instead!!

49 : Dinner at Rosso, Vaasa

Me and my girl Medina went out for dinner today also went for a shopping tour in Vaasa but we came a bit late so we spent more than an hour at Rosso. I found a very nice dress which is size S!!! Obs (i usually use Size M)!! Well that's the good news, anyway the dress became mine so i bought it. Later on we went to Rosso ate some delicious food! For me main dish was fish, salamon with some deep-fried calamari rings (octopus) with some extra delicious sauce. And also a bit tomato mixed with something sweet! And i forgot to mention that we had dessert, cicciolino or what-the-heck name it was.. It was good! Pictures coming up! Now i'm off to bed cause i'm exhausted and i also have morning training tomorrow at 11 AM.

48 : sucks to be the one playing around with feelings

Yep, that guy who plays with girls feeling, having more than 1 girl in his mind has no place in our world. I'm sorry honey but to play with others feeling is just so sad, when u don't know your own feeling.. Sucks to be you cuz 'what goes around comes back around'!

The universum is so screwed!!

47 :

@ school

46 : nhớ

Em nhớ anh rất nhiều, anh còn nghĩ tới em nữa không, có bao giờ anh nghĩ tới những gì mình đã từng có không? Hay là chỉ một mình em nghĩ tới điều đó? Em nhớ anh..
Chắc anh cũng chảng nhớ em tí nao đâu nhỉ anh eii.
Anh nào thế nhỉ =))

Chán lắm rồi ấy.

45 : sharp knife can do much damage

it's hard to think of that i miss you so badly, even if i had the chance to call you whenever i want, it just hurt me more to think of you. All the past, you just throw it away, thinking that it was my mistake, but don't you think you were the one too, the one that didn't hold on to me as you did from the beginning? I realize that we could have much more than love and happiness. We had our time, and we can do more than just being two lovers. I should have hold on for a bit longer.. But no, i was that girl, stupid enough to make all this pain to myself, while you sit and laugh at me as i was some stalker. Anyway you found your way and now i think of you, we really was in love? Or was i dreaming? It felt like forever i even spoke to you. Would you please give me a call? I just miss you and it hurts to see you coming along with your life. When mine ain't the same as before. Who thought a knife would do so much damage. Happy memories are what i can think of.. Funny while i'm thinking of it to make me happier, but it only make me sad enough to think of it.
I just try to keep smile like i used to do next to you, even if it's the most painful thing i can do in this world right now.. Looking for a bright future for me.
Love songs kills me to death..

44 : Dream high 2

Finally i got to see this drama, it's funny and kind of childish.. Anyway it's a good drama you should see it if you're a korean drama fan. Only one week left in school and then i'm off!

43 : don't fall for anyone

Note to myself: Don't fucking expect to much from the people you love most. They don't give a shit!

42 : mirror

U looking at me but i looking through you.

What a chilm weekend i had, movies and mooore movies. Watched Red Riding Hood together with M and ate alot of snacks.. I have english test tomorrow but i'm to lazy to read.. I'm worried about my application for school !! But anyways, my aunt and her husband plus their children are coming home, can't wait to see them.

Life is terrible sometimes, we want to feel happiness all the time but we cant, without pain, love, sadness, happiness, lonelyness and all that crappy things we wouldn't having this perfect life we have right now. You have to feel everything, becuz it's life, you all get through thus somehow, no matter how long time it has passed..

41 : food time again

Eating pizza @ teboil with my chica!!

40 : words

39 : Shit Asian Mom Say


38 : first february

Uhuh, only 23 days left to London! I've been celebrating this first february with fastlagsbulle hehe. Chilling @ school

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