happy birthday bro!

idag fyller min kära vän, äldsta vän som fortfarande är kvar här i Närpes. En vän man alltid kan lita på, som en bror till mig. Grattar honom genom att fira hans 18 års födelsedag och nyår hemma hos honom imorgon! Vi har gått igenom en hel del tillsammans, även med andra. Även vi inte ens är släkt, så behandlar jag honom som en släkting, bror och som familjemedlem. Grattis käre Ngoc på din 18 års dag. Ha det jättebra, :D

there's nothing but ..

Hello, i've spent my week in Turku. With my bf, it's so amazing to spend my time with him. Miss him so much, and we have had a lot of fun, i've met his relatives and we've been eating sushi! Obs! My first time sushi, fuck, it was delicious!! Have to get more sushi, we have made our own food, was on shopping tour and just trying some clothes, and see if it's fitting me or not. Some couple did really fit, but other was like buäh. in 2 days i'll be leaving. buuguguuhu.. kulta keny <♥>
GOD JUL / Merry X-mas! Big LOVE

french swirling in my head

OMG, i have read so much french words, not even finnish! well i have all night long to finnish this off, but i want to have a good night sleep too. Don't want to look like a freaking monnster. Well, i haven't pack yet either.. Better start to read again. Maybe feel better ;) not.

childish game

the funny story in my life is... i don't know what the heck i'm thinking.. i'm sure. i really don't know, sometimes i think of something that really make me feel wierd. not the type i used to think. but however, my thinking right now really bother me. So what the heck was i thinking? acutally nothing, just a unmatured person, who thinks im matured already.. I feel so childish, i really do.. dont treat me like im a grown up ^^ ME = still childishhh.

caught in a bad romance

Well, yesterday i was bored, so i just took a few pictures, when i was making up, cause i had washed my face before it. And i went to Ngoc's place. Later Thu came and was cutting his hair and was couloring it. Ngoc went blond. Made him to a DIVA. No i'm joking. I didn't see the result cause i went home 10 pm. Dennis, Roberth and tobias was coming over a lil bit. And they went to the bar after. We just chilled. Ate chips and dranks limsa and talked. It was long time ago we talked togheter all 3. Since we all change somehow in a good way.

Well , rest of this night. I might ending up reading my Psykologi book until the end and maybe understand what i read!! Sometimes i just dont know what i read and keep reaidng.. How stupid can a person be. Stupid as me!

And i had a lot of fun in cousins house. Fun with my little cousins. They are so cute! long time i've seen them. We live like 50 m from each other. But never sees? that's wierd! :D I have some pictures. But they might come up tomorrow. cause i dont have them yet.. :P

and OMG long time no hearing anything from Lady Gaga.. Jeeez, my uppdate only " long time no .... " Have to change the way i talk.. Hiihi ^^ but anyway, haven't heard anything from her. Maybe busy to make new party songs? J'adore Lady Gaga!

live laugh love

live laugh love


" i just wanna kiss, and never ever miss...(8)"

you know more than i thought

sitting and watching trailer, have nothing to do. Just feeling depress, by the weather. Gonna Download some movies to the weekend, sitting and watching them won't hurt! :)




when the days come

WOW 1 day more to go, then i spend the whole weekend on reading to my tests. So there did my weekend go, and i only have to 2  in school then i'm off away from närpes for a couple days. *happyface*!! I really had a chill day today, in the morning it was a bit stressy but i made it to school in time. I came home and haven't done anything but eating and sleeping. Lol. Tomorrow it's another chill day. Ofc we have alot to do but, it just feel so chilly to watch film on english lesson with chips . On our french lesson we are going to chill, drink some christmas drink and eat some cookies, don't know if we're going to watch "christmas in france".. I think we have seen it once but, we might see it again! I can't wait to this weekend. Only 3 days in school left, then i have what i want the most of this year.. christmas holiday!

Girls aren't "complicated"
--boys are just too stupid to understand us--

change style



beautiful monster

I think my plans for X-mas holiday is done. I think i might do it like i want it to be, but it's not sure yet. I also want to job, to get some cash to survive my 2011 x) It's not easy to not get some money per month like other children who gets.. But what can i do, get a job ofc. Well it's onlly 2 days left in school and then we only have 2 test and then it's holiday. I can't wait, i'm really tired of being in school right know. Can't do nothing but thinking bout to go home and sleep. After that feeling, you really feel fat ;) I bet you do! But nah, who cares about fatness, or bigness. I don't, but some people are meant to be, and others are not. But we all are the same! :) Well know i'm going to recorate my night club room, in FB. I'm not addicted, just need to be fixed. Going too sleep after a phonecall. Bye! Wish my days on holiday will be good. and memoryfull!

And btw, what the heck happend to T.O.P's hair..? I dont like it at all :/ pleease Choi Seung-hyun change your hair colour, it was much sexier before ://

gonnaa be with my bbyyyy next weeeek , :*:*:* can't wait :) KTTTTT<3

i'm dancing with tears in my eyes

This week, the last week before christmas! Finally. We have 2½ week christmasholiday, soo glad. I'm not really a big fan of school. And we have our test between holliday.. So next week on monday and tuesday we actually have tests. Then after it finally holiday! When i have a lot of work to do, i finally found my christmaspresent to k.t and i already found momi's and medo's. But it's lil bro and daddy left. What should i buy? Oh btw, i might buy one to Ngoc too, he's birthday is soon and, he's turning 18. So why can i miss his present. I dont know what i'm gonna buy him but some memoryfull present i think. But i just got showered so i think i'm going through french homework now so i have time later to do something else! =)


I did nothing but sleeping yesterday. Was able to do something but i didn't do a single thing. Just sleeping and playing computer. I fell asleep 2am. And we have a concert later today in the church, and gonna be there from 3pm to 9pm maybe. So i have to be there for 6 hours! But however.. I use my lil bro's number, cause i ain't got money on the other one. I feel sick, tired and my stomach is bad. But i still go on the concert. We're going to perfom a lot of churchsong and christmassongs. Funny. I have to get done now so i get there in time..

Mami and I had packaging (?) our christmas present, but i haven't bought every christmas present. Have to do it next week or something. Or then i will run out of time!! Next week will be the hardest and the thoughest week. And one week later we have testweek, or X-mas vacation does come between our testweek. But i got2go bye

We got our own style

I'm doing nothing, hadn't french lesson cause our teacher were ill. So it's cool i haven't done homework either. But it don't matter. I'm sitting here, playing nightclub at FB. Thinking and listening to huu - one in a million, his rap is so cool! But anyway, had a half bad night. I was tired, but i only slept a few hours. Then i was 10 min late to class. To biology.. Today i'm continueing cleaning my room, gonna fix my pink wall, gonna put up some picture. But i have no picture.. How the hell do i do then!? Haha, naah, well i can fix it. Just need some money and then i have my picture up, i want to make my room red and black. But i actually have pink wall so it doesnt match well. But no worry. I will fix it until christmas, or after. I don't have to hurry with it, cause i think it  will take some time to fix it. Hihi. Now i have English LC! bajj

have a party feelis ;D

best i ever had

I never thought that i would have so strong feelings for you. I NEVER thought of it. It feels like i'm afraid to do everything for you, but this time for sure, i won't let it go. I will do everything for you, i will show you how much your love means to me. I want this will last forever. It can't go wrong, cause it won't bby. You're one in a million, there's a million girls around you, there's a million boy around me, but i choose you. I just never thought it would be like this, but i certain think that it will be perfect, as long as we take it. We're going to reach the top of the mountains, trip around the world together, do everything together. I miss you everyday. You're the best i ever had. And i will give you all my love, show you i'm the one for you. I'm just afraid to loose you, you know that? But right now i'm fine. I just love the way to love someone that much. But hate the feeling when i get hurt, when i get upset because i think so much. But it's just a feeling that will go over sooner or later. Now i'm gonna live my life with you, and just thinking about what we have now, and later in the future, we will see how our life's gonna be. Rakastan Kenyä ♥

one in a million

Huu - one in a million

hard to build, easy to destroy

i tried my best, so many tears  i cried for you, so many fight i had to go through. it seems like i'm not enough for you. it feels like i don't deserve you, just the way i make it, i take it, i tried my best like i said, but why the heck is it on my mind, why can't i belive what i should belive. i can't take it anymore. i think im going crazzyyyyy 8))

thats the truth i can tell from now


better and better

Well i haven't done so much today. Only school and the same boring lessons for 4 weeks. I was so terrible tired when i woke up today. But i got to school anyway on the right time of course, wasn't late or something so it was good! had all my lessons for today, it was okey. On P.E Medina and i went to the gym, and was dancing. Shaking a bit on the big spot in the gym. It seems like long time ago i danced last. But however, i came home and now im sitting here drinking my blueberry/strawberry 'saft'. Going to Energy jump with mami tonight. Need to exercise more! Have early training tomorrow, feels good! :) Have a great day!! v555

hihi what a monkey :D

worlds sweetest cousins ppl can imagine ;)

if i could turn back time

well after a great weekend with k.t. we had loads of fun, i just miss him. Wish he was here longer.. I have to go back to study cause it's been 1 extra day off from school because of indenpendents day.

On friday keny came to närpes. It was kind of cute cause he went to school to get me, and we went home just chilling all day long.

And on saturday our whole family went to Vasa, just for a lil bit 'christmas shopping'. Was there from 15-19. We was just walking around and i found M.B's present. But ofcourse i will buy more for my bff! But i didn't find anything for K.t yet. But i will ;) And we were just walking around to find a shirt for me, but i ended up with a blue top, it's alike my other blue top. I only buy blue tops now ^^. Don't know what's into me, maybe cause k.t like blue? but anywat, we went to rax to get some food. the whole family was there. And after that we went to hospital to meet momi's cousin. he had an operation for his leg.

On sunday, we were just home and had a really nice day. Just stayed inside i think. Didn't do anything special. i really dont remember xD cause i have a bad memory somehow.

On monday, we woke up by momi's call. She called and said that me and k.t had to make food to us and to daddy who worked. It was also finlands' indenpendentday and we watched a movie and on the evening. K.t and i went out and had SNOW-WAR. Ofc i was the one who lost. i was so wet when i came home. Everywhere. It wasn't a good feeling xDD

Today i went to school and had a sleeping k.t on my bed hihi. he's so sweet. Anyway so i had to go to school and had 2 lessons of french. When i came home so we were just talking and taking picture.. I have a quite few picture i want to upload here. ^^ And later he went home .. miss himmmmmm

it was like yesterday

it felt like we still have the good old times.

it feels like it only was a few days ago,

ya, i know - we all wish to go back and live in our memories.

all memories we had togheter, how can a humanbeeing delete those?

we used to have fun, and someday we realize..

we really care and love each other.

everyone in this picture always have a place in my heart,

no matter if we still not talking to each other,

if we all are in somewhere else, like in another country

got new friends and don't remember me or who else in this picture.

but I will always remember you.

You guys was the stars in my life and i will alway carry the stars

in my heart. ♥



we r who we r

I nearly completed this week and what do i do today, i skipped the 2 first lesson cause i got a bad sleep. Yep, what can i do, i don't want to skip school, now im sitting and praying for to not skip anymore.. but inside i know i will skip more . Naah, enough about that. My blog is really boring. I don't really do alot. I only go to school, sit at home, playing on the computer, train and have my orchestra lessons. That's what i do in my normal day. Noting special.. Need to do something really fun. - In school today i only had 5 lessons, i usually have 7 lessons 1 day. But as i skipped 2first lessons it went down to 5. double history lessons was killing me, he was picking all the time. Then i mean the teacher, i wasn't listening to him, and he was like, " Van what are you doing? did you hear what im saying?".. and I was like :"yeah.." then he just turn away and started talk to himself again.. Pain in ass to sit 2 lessons listening to him. I tried my best through the lesson and after that we had french lesson. We were going through "love" words and had alot of gramma. Still i know zero about french. I only can "Je t'aim" ! No, just joking, i have had french in like 4 years now, obviously i've to know something but i seriously dont. Then 2 last lessons, phsycologi. wrote wrote and talked. After school Medo and i was walking home in this -10c cold weather. We just talked then medina had something funny for herself she was like :

M: vet du denhär ....
V: vad?
M: Birdy birdy.. *hahahaha*
V: ????
M: noo, it was poopy poopy .. * HAHAHAH*
V: what?? birdy birdy poopy poopy *????*
M: no its birdy birdy in the sky *hahahahahahaha!!!*
V: yeah and then??
M: hihihi* birdy birdy in the sky
poopy poopy in my eyes
V: ahha..
M: you get it???
V: yeah , haha..

when i got home, we started to make food and it was tacos. We ate when lil bro and dad came home. And i started to clean my big room, cause it was a mess and had my music lesson in 3hour. It was like a hell, i was so sleepy and i was so tired, my tum was hurt. I'm complaining again. Hihi. When i came home i started cleaning again. Cause k.t is coming over tomorrow! Then im gonna chill the rest of the day with him. And we are free until monday. Cause it's Finlands independentsday. 6.12! Sounds chilly. Now im going to do something else! Bye, and G9½

1 december

Tjoooh, everyboody. Sitting on my Biologi lesson without a teacher again. She's still ill. And we have no other option to sit on the computer or just fooling around. Next lessons start about in 5-7min. It's english lesson. And after that we have P.E and we are going to play icehockey. Then home and tonight Energyjump at 19. So, a lil bit chilly day do i get today! But full day it will be tomorrow - MAYBE 7.30-15.10 (in school) home after 15.10-18.00. and after that i have music training 18-21 and home by 21.. then friday it's gonna be chilly or im going to Turku or something? dont know yet. Really want to go!

Gonna go and buy a Julkalender , like everybody does! ;)

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