Chinese Lunar New Year

5-6 years from now, i've been with my family and Ngoc's family to Vietnam, on our christmas holiday + extra long vacation. Our family were there in 2½ months, celebrating our new year (31.12) and the Chinese Lunar New Year (beginning of february.) Now, my dad is leaving for it. After 6 years of waiting, HE finally get to fly over to Vietnam again and celebrate this Lunar new year with my grandparents.. Momie, viet and i gotta stay home.. I should have go if i could but i had too much schoolwork to do. So i got a trip promised by mom in summer. (I HOPE). But My dad is leaving now, flying through Hong Kong, and on his way home to Bangkok :)

Our grandparents live near Ha Long, but far away from Ha Noi (capital of the country). There are many tourists who come to Vietnam. But more in Thailand of course. But Vietnam has changed since 6 years ago. I hope my dad will have a safe trip. Last time i saw him was this morning.. :) Miss him already!!

And you guys know what's the best of the Lunar New Year ? WE GET RED POCKETS :D
no x-mas gifts, only red pockets (with money).

Foto : goole.
I've only been once to Vietnam on this Chinese Lunar New Year.. But i bet it's better then the New Year we have here! And alot of good food!

contact lenses

Hey Ppl, today panic because my contact lenses went back of my eyes when i tried to roll my eyes into the right position and get the lenses were they'r supposed to be. But i failed big, i rolled them back of my eyes, so i panic but i got them off my eyes after when i stopped panic. But i got the result, i just tested the test version which i bought together with the clean water.. :) I got the result, i bought 2 contact lenses, moonlight and eden.

il me manque

what i gotta do to make you want me? what i gotta do to be hurt? what do i say when it's all over, sorry seems to be the hardest word, it's sad, so sad..

i have a test tomorrow, so i will go and take a showe now and then start reading for the test. I will take no calls, speaks with no one, cause i gotta focus :) Is it an emergency, call someone else ;) they care more than i care! Aight?

been so fucking tired the whole day, haven't sleep good enough, just because i sleep late dose few days now. But today i won't. Cause got alot of work to do. And saturday my finallly first home " friendly" game starts. 12.00 at bollhallen! I don't think it will be a good result so no bother if u guys dont come, cause i really dont want to mess up the whole team, we bearly got no players.. Just gotta see what they're doing to the team, maybe call in some younger players, other player in different team? Idontknow, just gotta see.. take care ppl.

We all dies like copies, no one is original, not even god.

it was just a dream

Hey, haven't been able to blog alot this weekend casue i've been to Turku to my k.t, and had a great time down there in south finland. Well, it was too much food, i feelt like i was too fat all the time, cause it was food from chinese food to sushi to nuggets from Mcdonalds. And it went a little bit over the limit. Friday i started from Närpes at 13.00 the bus was little bit late and came to Turku at 17:30? Went to McDonalds and ate nuggets ofcourse. Then home and chill a bit. Didn't do anything big, just chillin saturday we took the bus in to town and was checking some stuff, i didn't bought anything, wanted to save money to the busride home, but all money went to food. We went to Hanko Sushi bar and ate sushi, i know one of the staff so we got some extra and it was nice! After a round in the city wetook the bus home. And chilling again with a movie , Nightmare on Elmstreet, shiet, a really scary.. But a lot of scary scene but good movie. Sunday i had to take the early bus home, but i didn't and of course i missed the last bus, i was 1 min away from bus and the bus just drove away from me. I got pissed off, didn't want to miss school, cause i have missed alot of my course lessons.. So i had  to take it again some day, and we went to k.t cousin, omogosh, big house, everything was white and pink. I could die in there. I've never seen a house more fashion and that one, we had our dinner at  8am, and i got feeded up well.. ate too much, but i exercise with Wii with 4 of k.t's cousins. Was really good and nice. And on Monday i should take the earliest bus home but i didn't wake up for it, and the 11 itme buss i missed, and the 14:10 i missed again. This time i was really pissed off, had to call home all the time..  But i came home with the last bus.. Before i came home we went to hesburger and bought icecream.. nam nam :) Then 21:30 i was finally home.
Whole our class (2) was to Vaasa today. Was to Åbo Akedemi, a education for people who wants to be teacher, specialteacher and so on, and the second one to Hanken, education for economy people, who wants to work in banks or different companies. Very interesting day, Medina and I had lunch at Illyrians, a kebab place, and ended up in Waynes Coffee after visiting in Hanken! And now i have history to study for.. A test for tomorrow so, better not fail AGAIN. Byee ppl =)

what can i do

seungri's sexiness :D

i love my mom

damn, önskade faktiskt att jag åt en fastlagsbulle (stavning?), har varit sugen på det hela kvällen, dagen och morgonen. Önskade faktiskt att jag hade en framför mig just nu! Iaf, har varit jobbigt hela dagen idag. Skolan full rulle på gång, fick en liten smörgås-data-twilight stund efter! Och vidare till mitt skolmusikkårs övning med gänget och på pausen for jag på träning med tjejer ålder 94-97 :D Fick iaf lite konditionsträning faktiskt. Otroligt ;) Nu blir det en hel packandet, ska börja nu och ha på mig en anisktsmask! Kör Japansk ris & sake - ansiktsmask, love it. Nu blir det packning ! -->
gonna see my kinkku tomorrow :) Sweetchilikinkku :D♥
picture of 2009
I love you momieee :*:*
no matter what problem it is, or what the hell the world is going to be or we r apart,
i always have you in my heart! ♥

I wish i could do it

sometimes i wish i could just dissapear for some days, and get my mind clear, but when i think of it, all i get is pain.

Wasn't in school today, couldn't sleep good enough, did not want to go to school looking like a ghost. Missed only 3 lessons so no problem. Taking them again afterwards. Trying be successful but i can't. I have no time for it, save it to some other time in my life. =) Gonna do my homeworks, reading some finnish words and so on. BB!

i feel so good

Gotta say last night was my record to get some sleep. I slept 12hours!! Can't imagine it myself. I was tired, was only going to bed and think that yeah whatever i'm sleeping in a few hours then wake up again, but no i had a few phone calls but i still sleep until 7am. So than school time, so it wasnt that dangerous but i felt so good! Had training today, didn't feel so good because of my new shoes, they gave me some scratch but i think it's okey to next week. We have our homegame next week Bollhallen 12:00 ! :) vs. Peik, derbymatch! Gonna study a lil bit now and then eat me fat with food!! :D ♥

eenie meenie

gonna get some sleep now.. maybe i'll wake up about 3hours :D enjoy your evening!

happy buttday

Happy Buttday To My cousin Nam :]]

co le anh da sai

Rihanna - complicated

Best Saying Words Today By L.N : "vittu om int han litar op de kan an fa!"
I totally agree with that words. It've been up and down day today. A little bit humor-day can we say. I've watched the Ip Man 2. I can say directly, it is one of the great film i ever seen, the suspense in the film was making me nervous, and i mean when they were fighting, chinese Wing Chun and American boxing.. recommend to you fighting fan :D
well i'm going to bed soon, short update but more tomorrow!

today : sushi maker

Well, i've done my sushi of my own today! I've wanted to do this in one week already but never got time. But today i'm home alone so i took the chance to do it alone. I haven't taste them yet, but hopefully they'll taste good as the last one. Now i'm officially done with it, so time to taste ;) Got some picture here. Wasn't the best sushi i ever made, and i'm a newbie at it so don't blame it on me ;)


It was the best weather today. Sun was shining today. I wanted to take some picture, but had no motivation for it, plus it was like -24 C soo.. that's the reason. I'm going to make my own sushi today. And now i'm giong to chill a bit. Feel a bit tired, i got minimum 8h sleep yesterday but i feel tired aswell.. Update later

like a ghost in the middle of the day

Oh gosh, i just feeling worser and worser each day. Have a strong headache now. And only think i can think of is sleeping. Ah, would be amazing if i could sleep atleast 9 hour per day which i can't. well i think i going toay down for a bit.. maybe feel better. ♥

Last lessons of this week

Heyy people. I'm sitting on my third lessons of history. And about 10 minutes i'm out of here, going home for a power nap. I think i would do my own sushi meal today and wondering if i have time to clean my room. It's first weekend of this first week in school of the year. And i'm already tired. Maybe i didn't get enough sleep.. But weekends here, starting to chill and than school again. I guess this weekend will be a chill weekend for me. Don't have to do anything. Just train and chill at home. Cause i want to rest out a bit after all visit of my hunii. I really miss him. Now i have to pay attention to the teacher so he won't get mad. Update later!

tired like ..

Ouff, this is the thoughest day in the week. I actually have footballtraining in the morning and directly have school after. But yesterday i was on the phone until 2pm. And now i'm exhausted. I feel like a stone has hit me so hard that i just want to sleep. (that doesn't sound so good) and i skipped training and now i skipped my orchestra practise too. I'm too tired, need a nap. But if i do it i can't sleep at nights or maybe if i think i could. I just ate and have written my english book project. It's official done now and i have a lot of history to take again. I can't handle with this history course anymore. But i'm free the two next period, only 2-3 lessons a day!
Finally i can download Twilight Eclipse and watch it! I download the wrong one last time i download those movies. But finally ;)
Think i'm in love with this move :D

my heart needs you

Hey, in this update, i just wanna say.. That i have a awsome boyfriend, who cares for me, who would do everything for me, show me that he love me etc. He is so my everything, Just want to say i love my Nguyen, love you honey. Even if it's a hard situation to love, but i really do care, and i don't want you to be upset/mad/angry/sad. Cause all i want is to see you smile, everyday. All the pain would blow away, and i would not worry for paranoid things. I love you honey. TMN <3  I know i'm not easy, i make mistake, i fail, i might be stupid all the time. But one thing i'm sure about, my heart really need you. ♥

done, and i'm happy!

Finally it's overdone with biologi 2. I'm really happy i could stay awake and not fall asleep while i was reading. Have my last test tomorrow for this month. And i probably do well comparing with today's test. Tomorrow after hour 3h of test, i'm finally going to shop my new footballshoeees. I really want new, cause those i have, i already have for 2 year, ofcourse they're in good fit but, they look really old. So i still have them if the other doesn't go well as those i have now! Well i'm gonna take my beautysleep soon. ;) take care ppl

history and fantasy

I really tried my best on history. I just wrote those thing that went straight to my head. So alot of fantasy did i use! I've been home for 1 hour now. Came home 1h after i took the test. And i've been to the dentist. Got some problem with my teeth. But they didn't do anything more than gave me another time to come, if it got worser, i had to go again. Well, i'm gonna take a look at my biology book now. Last test tomorrow, so i hope it gets better than today, cause think i might fail, but i got a good feeling that i didn't fail! we all hope not to fail! Gonna go and read now. Update later! Lateroo

Who's that chick?

I am tired of to read some history, who cares if i fail. Just have no motivation to read. Cause i don't get it. How do i do? Right now i just ignore it for a while. Well, i know i will do the test and fal. So who cares really.. History no big deal! :)
i don't really care, i just want to dance :)

2010 - 10 - 01 / riverside madafka

Jag har inte haft tid på jättelänge att blogga, har faktiskt funderat över att blogga vissa gånger under jullovet. Men det har jag inte lyckats med. Jag har hamnat i åbo för några  dagar i början av jullovet, var där under julafton. Har varit på kryssning också. Hunnit med ganska mycket men ändå så har jag varit mest hemma med min k.t och softa! Har bytt till svenskan i bara detta inlägg, det går smidigare för mig att skriva på svenska. Skolan har startat, 10.01.10!
Under jullovet var jag ungefär en vecka i Åbo, då har jag provat sushi för första gången, jag svär. Det var uuurgott! Men äter man för mycket av sushi dör man av smaken. Lite åt gången går bra. Provat en massa kläder men köpte endast ett par svarta klackar. Träffade k.t's ubersöta kusiner, mest flickor. Dom är bara för söta, från ålder 12-15? :) Sen har vi varit till en hall, på riktigt skulle jag spela fotis där men jag ville inte riktigt, det var ett gäng av k.t's vänner och nåra vietnameser. Men blev inget av, satt bara å checkade. Tog lite kort också. Julafton firades med hela hans familj, blev lau till mat, en av vietnamesiska 'mest ätande sätt'. Gott, skulle till J på fest men missade skjutsen när vi var i bastu. Blev inget festandet utan hemma och feeta oss. Äter jättemycket när jag är tillsammans med k.t, sweetie. Åkte hem tillsammans med honom till Närpes, 2 dagar efter jullovet, då var det sista gången jag var där 2010 ;) Hans lil systrar är så söta!
Efter att vi har varit i åbo, blev det alltså närpes. Tog bussen hem, blev en massa filmer och ätandet hemma här också. Köpte mat, och fixade mat. Gjorde sushi själv fö första gången! Gick att äta, men hade inte rätt ris, för vi orkade inte köpa japansk ris, så det blev vår vanliga ris som vi äter här hemma. Firade Ngoc's 18 års födelsedag med hela familjen + k.t. Hos honom var det massa med folk, han firades på 31.12.10 så vi hade vårt nyår hos min ygnsta moster. Blev hela vår släkt och raketerna sköt och allt jag önskade hade jag redan, så det var myyysigt att vara hos moster och fira med familjemedlemar + några utomstående! Efter allt raketer efter dryg 45 min så blev det mat. pho blev det, mums! Karaoke bjöd de även på och vi kom hem ca 3-4 tiden. Vi gick inte och sov utan det blev en massa film för oss! k.t och jag. Efter nyåret några dagar for k.t hem. Hans jullov tog slut men inte mitt. Han gick till skolan 2 dagar, blev faktiskt galen för att jag inte hade honom bredvid mig, felt so empty. anyway arbetade jag på måndagen och på tisdagen, onsdag tog jag ledigt av 'träningsvärken'. Fick en överrasknng av k.t, var utanför mitt hus på onsdagskvällen. Kunde inte sluta skratta, sen efter det har han varit här nästan hela 5 dagar. Nu är han hemma igen och jag hemma hos mig. Haft det pretty chill med honom. Ngoc har fått körkort under jullovet. Har varit ut och brummat med honom a few times. And guess what, jag har också kört bil under jullovet. Hade k.t att lära ut mig , gick bra men skulle nte våga köra bara sådär ut i stan. Har varit till fontana första gången i år tillsammans med ett skönt gäng, inklusive min k.t ♥

Det var nästan allt av mitt jullov, finns mera men hade nog inte orkat skriva.
- Skolan idag, fettkul att skriva prov på första dagen, till och med engelskan. Inte så svårt men det är om litteratur, så lite svårt var det för mig. Men jag tror jag klarar mig bättre än underkänt! Muahz. Ska ta itu med historian på kvällen. Kommer att ta det på talang. NU väntar maten, food bby ♥

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