37 : eventually...

... It will be better, maybe not today.
I'm so messed up, so tired don't have anything to do and i should start study before studenskrivningar!! It's killing me, i have 3 subject this spring, damn it less than a month to reas arhgf...fml!!!

36 : no energy

I'm so tired right now, i've party for too much so, i'll be home next week and some week forward too.. We had fun last night and that's what i call a night out with the best ;) we took some pictures which i'm uploading it here. Now back to Greys anatomy!!

https://cdn1.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_186863749.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_186863819.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_186863886.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_186863925.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_186863982.jpg" class="image">

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1390469/images/2012/pic_186864080.jpg" class="image">

35 : night out

It's a night out with the best this evening, we fly ourselfs to the vip table ;) yiaao!
N i even have a new haircut!!

34 : cold

It has been so cold, recently. I'm freezing my ass off all the time. Here's a winterpicture haha..

33 : on the field

Having all coursers done by the end of this period, which i really am glad for it. I've been bad updating but we in Abi-class just got our huppari done and here it is, 2012 huppari! :))

Picture one is the logo from our school and it has it logo on oulr left chest, and the big ABI is on our back! It's easy but it took time for us to make it done.

33 : Safe & Sound


32 : in another life

31 : -

Dm do con cho, ng cug chang ra ng dm, dung do dien. Lan sao tao bop co may cho may chet luon dm nhu tre con y

30 : Frontside Ollie

This song Frontside Ollie - Robin, is quite good. It's amazing that he in one week (that's what i heard in the radio) reached 2 million views! I've always been a all-kind-of-music girls so, i don't mind listen to this 13 years old finnish boy's song ;)

29 : equal to nothing

Hey, my day was long and tiring. Haven't done anything special. Just made my first white chocolate panna cotta which turned out really well!! Heeh gonna do egg tarts or creme brule for next, if not probably some cake then.. Anyway, soon Lunar new year, gonna celebrate it at home cuz, it bringa you bad luck if you're out after midnight! Gonna sleep now and get ready for friday ;)

28 : a smile

Nu cuoi cua anh, em ko bao gio quen dc..

27 : ain't trash

Just got my order from h&m, a dress and a sport brah/bra? It took a very long time to get this package. But anyway gonna watch movies now and later on train my calories off :(

26 : who's laughing now?

It's only less than a month left in school and i'm already excited to get out of the school and start study for the final exam. It's gonna be awsome to be free from school in a while, and also 10 days in London with my bro ain't bad! Yeah, i'm off to London in february! ;) can't wait to see my babyboo in United Kingdom!! Missed and Miss him so much! <3

25 : Arcada or Åbo Akademi?

Between Arcada and Åbo Akademi ? So hard to choose between those two, good opportunities to get a nice job/education and can study further with theme/subject we take. Eventually, i think Arcada is more fun. I don't know, why? Probably cause they're having a much nicer website than ÅA ? And Arcada is in Helsinki, ÅA in Turku? Which one.. Hard decision.

24 : hostel part 3

Watched hostel 3 today.. It's like they r having a blood party or something. Just chilled my day off, without school or anything. Just being lazy and eat fatfood and all. Anyways, i'm gonna get going with searching for school, less than 2-3 months to apply!
Feels like everyone has to lie for their own good, and i see the way you like to do it. Whatever

23 : on the dancefloor

Was to Fontana again this saturday, with N,M,M& A. Better than expected! Anyway, ended up with McDonalds food :)) the best part? Naa, i dont think so.

22 : In my head

Ouh, can't sleep at night anymore. Just thinking a lot and i don't know why? And have you guys noticed that, when i blog from my iPhone i always write wrong.. And i can't find the settings stuff to correct those wrong written words. Anyway, this week i haven't been able to sleep like i used to be. I don't know the reason.. It makes me sad, can't sleep good as i used to do. Just found this lovely song Mohombi - In you head! Asgrym!
Look at her shoes in the video, It's jeffrey campbell! i'll be wearing one of those in the future! :))

21 : just like another day

Pissed off a bit today, sat at least 3 hours to get my project finnish and guess what? It should me much longer and we had to make it independent, my work hours for nothing!? Well i still got it done by spending my 2 hours infront of the mac pro.. Tired as hell so, gonna be really loong night , going to take my beautisleep soon!

20 : nelly package

19 : lunch with my girl

Had my last test today feeling free now and just got my music essay left! I lunched with my girl at casa pizzeria and we ate kebab with pommes frites, well she ate kebabrulle. Than after that i went home and fell asleep >.<

18 : 2 test left to go!

Ouh, today i just had my presentation, which was really bad, but still got an 8 for it! Now i have geography and livsåskådning (dont know what to say it in english) left. Now it's all about reading and one more period of school to get through. I may update bad this two days, and you know why already! So, keep following and i update later!

17 : behind every smile there's a story

Sitting on my couch and smiling to my books and all, no! Hell no, are about to be sleepy here. Too sleepy to do anything. Sooo freaking tired, just want to lay down and get some sleep for a long time. Anyhow gonna fresh up a lil bit and go for a coffee with Emilia.

16 : a night out

Yesterday i was almost awake for 24 hours.. I woke up for training bout 9 and had training at 11 am. Later on i just chilled at home. At night me and my girl went out to Fontana and met some people. We ended up having really fun but really scary at the time! But actually it was fun anyway. We met some new "friends" dont know what to call them. Anyhow, enjoyed the night and hope for much more of that night in the future! Me, mensur and medina was hungry and went to Abc to get some food. We were there about an hour just chill and talking. And bout 6 am i was home in my bed sleeeepin ! Now im going to chill a bit and do my presentation for tomorrow and all school stuff!!

15 : Nelly.com

Im so tired of this site (nelly.com) right now, I ordered some dresses and shoes to myself and some to my mom and it hasn't arrived yet. It has been 9 days? if i'm right, i don't remember really, has been too long. Right now, i really emjoy my life, cause i'm not really angry, sad or upset anymore.. I used to be emotional, really in the past. But i feel free now. That's too good to true? But anyways, I have my ticket in my hand and more than one month left, i'm off. For 10 days.. Won't tell ya anything yet! Hehe, some of my closest friends know.. and later on you guys will find out. (i'm so excited!)

14 : dr.dre

Just got my headphones home.. Which i ordered for 2-3 weeks ago, dr.dre headphones ofc.. They are really cool but it was made by chinese peoplr so, they are quite fake. My lil bro and duc ordered together with me so, they order something else. When i was in Canada my cousin Lisa had real ones and it was broken after some months. I hope this fake one is better ;)

13 : new computer?

My computer is niw dead.. It won't turn on and im so sad!! I just need it to do my presentation to monday but what now? Have to go to Gigantti and ask if we'll get a new one or not. First training was tiring, just want to sleep now.. But it was fun to start again.

Going to bed earlier today! Goodnight.

12 : shop online

I can't stop shop online! I just clicked home a dress and a sportsbra from H&M, i was about to order home some shoes too and basic top etc, but i didn't! Halleluja, i'm pretty tired right now but i have my first soccer training of the year and i don't want to miss that one.. Just want to see how bad in soccer i've been without training in 3 months! my english sucks i know, anyway you guys still understand my english so who cares right? ;)

11 : funny picture

Hihi todays picture!!! @ work

10 : finally over

Finally a new year has began, it means i have a opportunity to make this year better than 2011. Because 2011 was a disaster.. So emotional, selfish, fake, unhappy and all.. When i think of the past i feel terrible! I couldn't enjoy my life without being said what to or to not do, so starting with this year i will work alot (cuz hard working works!) study my ass off, get a great time in Turkey with best class ever, turn into a grown up and not be a childish girl. That's my goal.
Aaa i just want to go to a warm place right now and live my life! Need to leave town for a bit. School start next week with test and presentation.. G-g-g-reat!

9 : Happy New Year !

Happy new year to everyone! I've celebrated with my closest friends and we are still having fun right now, too much mixed drinks but still going strong! Going to load up picture later on, but one picture tells u everything!

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