start to fly to my fucking country. FUCK :) fucking shit :D I wanna stay here... more shopping..


start to fly to my fucking country. FUCK :)

July 12 - 11

I've really changed.. You see, i liked T.O.P for a long time but now i like Tae Yang?! Gosh i think i really have a problem , (with tae yang and T.o.p!) Tae Yang's smile is so cute, so is my BOYFRIEND'S ;) actully i'm happy that i have someone like Keny.. I lost him once, i don't loose him twice!

I never though i would fall this hard

I'm going to be the best you ever had, none can love you like i did, none can make you feel like i did, no, because we ain't the same. And this is how i gonna love you. I will love you like i never did before , Oh no.. Im going to love you like crazy. I will show you the things i've never showed before.. Shoot me up into the sky, where i can feel free, let me go and you will see.. I'll be there someday and make you feel all this love-thing.
" I will always love you forever" - Tae Yang / Wedding Dress

Cũng bởi vì trái tim em cần anh 
Dẫu chỉ là những giấc mơ thật mỏng manh 
Sẽ bên cạnh em những khi em bật khóc trong đêm buồn 
Chỉ cần anh luôn ở đây bên cạnh em


I'm not myself anymore..

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