8 : nail colour, amaranth

Just did my nails. It's in amaranth colour and i bought a set of nailpolish (inclusive nude pink, base & top coat, seashell, plus this one amaranth) it has nice colour. Can call this for my new years nails.. Red and easy :D

7 : muny muny

Heyy, a bit late update at this time. Anyway have you guys this song by Nicki Minaj - Muny (my bff showed me the musicvideo/song to me) it's CRAZY!! Superb song, she's crazy too! (my bff ;)) haha, well today i was with some friends out, and bought some food for tomorrow. And later on i had a meeting with my soccer team, and this year we are 22 or 21 players!! I dont get it, so many and only 11 on the soccerfield.. Well just have to get used to it. Anyway i went to teboil with Medina and ate some fastfood.. Just good before the new year celebrating! Hehe.

Well the day still ended good, somehow, just got my salary from Dernoshop and wooho i'm a bit richer now, but just have to pay back to mom cause i realize that i own her too much! Got alot to pay for, oh my.. Erw, gonna go to bed soon, i'm a bit tired right now soo..

6 : workday

Ahh, i've worked today in the greenhouse, and it felt like i was in the sauna.. Sweating 24/7 haha. But anyway it felt good to work today. Maybe because it's friday today! Have to do alot today so, update later!

5 : one day in Vasa

Hello! Today i've been in Vasa, this morning i took my dad's car and together with my bro, i drove to Vasa. (my english is not quite good, hope you guys understand it anyway!) i was supposed to meet up with my long-time-no-see friend Ida! But she was ill and could not make it! I went to Amarillo then and met up Ngoc and the company and ate some good burger (only me). After that i just walked around looking for something nice to wear but ended up with only a dress.. Anyway, going to eat now and after that, probably MW3 next! I'm such a nerd.. (picture of that dress)

4 : One day

Oh my what a movie, really good story, of course it's a romantic movie. You people who love romantic movie should see it too! I won't tell you 'bout the movie, watch it yourself! I'll upload a picture from the movie, sub translated to swedish! "if u let me down or go behind my back, i swear i'll kill you" that is what she said in the movie!


Argh! Nu när jag har fått en användbar telefon med bra kamera och internet kan jag börja mobilblogga.. Jag tror inte ens nån läser min blogg längre eftersom jag har haft 2 olika blogg och skrivit ON/OFF på båda. Men nu ska jag sätta stopp för detta! Äääntligen ska jag blogga igen wipii..
ETT MÅSTE : att ta fram böcker inför studentskrivningarna -> Psykologi , engelska och hälsokusnkap!! Ska inte slösa bort min dyrbara tid på ngt annat än detta (efter julen förstås!)
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