45 : sharp knife can do much damage

it's hard to think of that i miss you so badly, even if i had the chance to call you whenever i want, it just hurt me more to think of you. All the past, you just throw it away, thinking that it was my mistake, but don't you think you were the one too, the one that didn't hold on to me as you did from the beginning? I realize that we could have much more than love and happiness. We had our time, and we can do more than just being two lovers. I should have hold on for a bit longer.. But no, i was that girl, stupid enough to make all this pain to myself, while you sit and laugh at me as i was some stalker. Anyway you found your way and now i think of you, we really was in love? Or was i dreaming? It felt like forever i even spoke to you. Would you please give me a call? I just miss you and it hurts to see you coming along with your life. When mine ain't the same as before. Who thought a knife would do so much damage. Happy memories are what i can think of.. Funny while i'm thinking of it to make me happier, but it only make me sad enough to think of it.
I just try to keep smile like i used to do next to you, even if it's the most painful thing i can do in this world right now.. Looking for a bright future for me.
Love songs kills me to death..


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