China Town & old City

Have been walking in a small China Town here in Montreal, it was quite nice, cause i've never been to a China Town before.. And we walked through a part of this old city here and it was so beautiful. I saw 2 wedding held in that place, one couple was asian and the other white people! It was so nice, but after that it started to rain, HARD! We got home and started to cook and eat, there was no shopping today but i hope for a better day then. It's going to rain tomorrow too but on monday it will be BETTER! Sunny to 26 degree! Noe it's almost 9PM, and we have eaten Crab.. Nom nom! I'll be go and get some sleep soon, cause i'm soo tired.. :) (have been out with the dog 2 times.. He's freaking Crazy,!) Pictures up later! :)
Me and the pirates ;) (old city)


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