Canada day 2

I spent half aday in this house and doing nothing nothing.. and we have been out for dinner, to a good idk if it was a chinese buffé restaurant or what it was, but it was only asian food so i call it asian restaurant. It was all kind of food, like sushi, fried eggrolls etc. OMG dessert was the beeest, so much cakes, and fruits.. nom nom, i couldn't eat alot cause i felt tired all the time.. just don't know why.. We ate with some aunties friend and i finally met my cousin i haven't seen before! He's actually older than me and but he have to call me Chi. (it's bigger sister) but I still call him anh or em, whenever i want so that's still okey. Then i walked home with the rest, (lisa, viet, michael & bob) but our parents came with car and pick us up, but me and bob walked home instead. We talked alot of what life is about and all that stuff in Finland which Canada hasn't and the opposite. Now the others are staying at Bob's house (lisa viiet and michael) except me.. I was too tired to stay there, didn't want to have insomnia. But i'll go to sleep now.. And see if we'll shop tomorrow! G9 - Pictures up!!
me and the dogieee
Michael Cutiiie
Ah, the restaurants name was FU LAM.. so i guess pretty much as chinese?


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