Someone like you

I had to decide alot yesterday. It might be the thoughest day ever for me, but i'll get stronger and stronger and i hope things i wished for will come true one day. I can't tell ya what i wished. But you know we all gotta fight for our life or we will loose it soon. People always has a choice, there's no way we've been forced to do anything but sometimes we gotta change and take a new step in our life and fate the reality and stop being in our dream forever. We can't stay in a dream, without any goal in our lifes. That's why i decided, to listen to others advice and try to figure something out of it. Try to be a better person, previously i've been really PMS-girl, angry girl.. But i know i gotta change for something and i won't loose anything else. Peace and love to people who always been stuck by my side. I love you keny i really do.. I hope you'll understand me someday why i love you so much. :) That's why i've been though to be you GF, right? ♥


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